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What to do when your search rankings plummet

In the last couple of weeks we’ve had a flurry of enquiries from businesses that have had dramatic falls in their search engine rankings. Some of these businesses were previously at #1 or #2 on Google for important keywords, but now are nowhere to be seen.

The impacts on the businesses are severe – in most cases the number of enquiries has plummeted and subsequent sales have followed suit. Understandably, they are very worried and need help to fix the problem, fast.

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How to use facebook hashtags

How to use Facebook #hashtags

Hashtags have arrived on Facebook, so we’ve put together this quick guide to get you up and running, and using them successfully in your social media marketing.

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Content is king

Why content is still king

In the sometimes arcane world of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), there are activities referred to by hat colours…as in ‘Black Hat’ and ‘White Hat’. Picture a wicked witch. She’s wearing a black hat, right?

In Google’s view of the world, ‘black hat’ activity is seen as evil too, punishable by banishment from the search engine results pages. So what is black or white in SEO, and what is ‘good’ and ‘evil’ in the eyes of search engines today?

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Online marketing resources

Online Marketing Resources

We’ve put together this list of some of our favourite resources covering entry-level online marketing. Spend a little time on some of these pages and you’ll quickly get a handle on the benefits of content marketing, best-practice SEO, social media and Google AdWords. In future articles we’ll dive deeper into these areas and others such as conversion optimisation, local search and more, so stay tuned!

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Write a great blog article

How to write a great blog article


For my first post on the Well Optimised site, what better topic than how to write a great blog article! I originally wrote this piece for the Real Time Minds website (of which I’m a founding partner) but it’s even more applicable here given that we regularly recommend our clients get into business blogging as a key part of their content marketing strategy.

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