SEO resolutions

5 simple new year reSEOlutions to boost your web presence

You may be thinking about a diet, quitting smoking or taking up the latest exercise fad, but these five simple resolutions will get your website in shape for 2015!

1) Create more great content

The old saying ‘content is king’ has never been more accurate. Both search engines and web users are looking for the same thing – quality content that engages, solves problems and provides users with what they are looking for.

If you understand what your prospects are searching for (think of what key information will help them reach a purchase decision), and you provide that in an accessible, engaging and share-able way, you’re on the right track!

Your resolution #1 is to create at least one new piece of content each month – be it for your website, blog, social sharing, newsletter – or all of the above!

2) Get social

If you’re active on the social network/s where your customers are active, you’ve got a line of communication with them that also enables you to reach their networks through sharing of your content.

When you’re creating great content, tapping into these social networks is a great way to get that content exposed to a bigger audience.

Your resolution #2 is to find out what social network is most relevant to your audience, set up a business page there, and post at least once a week on that page.

3) Reach out

Another important way of getting your content out there is through reaching out to people who are likely to share your content – be they businesses, media, bloggers or other influential people in your industry online.

People are always looking for quality content to feature on their own sites or to share with their own audience. By reaching out to them with a friendly hello and a link to your quality content that’s relevant to them and their audience, you can build a relationship and start getting more exposure, more links and more traffic to your site. By building links from quality 3rd party websites and social media shares, your own website’s search rankings will climb steadily higher.

Your resolution #3 – make contact with at least one new person each month via email or social media with a view to sharing your awesome content!

4) Get on Google+

A Google+ business listing is a must these days – not only does it give your business greater visibility in search results but it can help your rankings (especially for people searching for a business in your area) and provide your customers with fast info such as call and navigation buttons right there in the search results.

Your resolution #4: Set up and/or optimise your Google+ business listing and add a new post at least once a month

5) Get analytical

Google Analytics is a free tool that lets you see everything that’s going on on your site – from where people are coming from, what they are spending the most time on, and where they are dropping out of the conversion process.

If you haven’t got it running on your site, your resolution #5 is to add it and use it. If it’s already there but you never look at it, your resolution is to check it at least once a month and get a new insight about your site and your potential customers every month.