Online marketing resources

Online Marketing Resources

We’ve put together this list of some of our favourite resources covering entry-level online marketing. Spend a little time on some of these pages and you’ll quickly get a handle on the benefits of content marketing, best-practice SEO, social media and Google AdWords. In future articles we’ll dive deeper into these areas and others such as conversion optimisation, local search and more, so stay tuned!

Content Marketing (copywriting, blogging and content marketing) marketing 101) (another good blogging guide) (16 page slideshow covering the fundamentals) (How to work out your strategy and create great content)


Search Engine Optimisation – Google’s own best practice guide to SEO – A great starter guide – A quick, basic website analyser for SEO issues


Social Media (social media resources) (e-book on using Facebook for business) (good summary of the main aspects of LinkedIn and how to set it all up) (strategy and how-to guides)


AdWords (Google’s own starter guide) (AdWords starter guide) (Comprehensive start-to-finish guide)


General Resources (free online marketing resources) (US$25 / month membership required, course quality is excellent)


Need some help?

Hopefully you’ve got the answers you’re looking for from the comprehensive resources above (just a little light reading!!). If you want to know more, including how all this could apply to your business, feel free to get in touch!