Cleanawater case study

A brilliant Digital Marketing case study

This is an amazing demonstration of the power of digital marketing – and a very clever piece of marketing by a large Melbourne digital marketing agency, Digital 360.

The company wanted to prove how effective the right digital strategy and execution can be for an Australian SME, in this case it was Cleanawater – a business specialising in the design, manufacturing, installation and servicing of commercial and industrial water treatment and recycling equipment.

What they did

Digital 360 bought the business outright, then applied their digital marketing know-how, including:

  • Designing a new brand identity
  • Building a new website
  • Improving user experience
  • Online analysis and optimisation
  • SEO and SEM

The results

The results were stunning. Over the 5 year time period:

  • Revenue grew by 1,266%
  • Accumulated profit (before tax) was $1.25 million
  • The business was on-sold for 10x the purchase price

This case study is well worth a read if you’re an Aussie SME looking for ways to grow your business. The full case study includes detailed analysis and insights, and you can view it on the Digital 360 site >>