ai robot doing SEO work

How AI will change SEO (and what small businesses need to do about it)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing the way we think about search engine optimisation (SEO). As AI technology continues to advance, it is becoming more and more important for small business owners to understand how it will impact their SEO efforts.

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digital strategy

Why you’re throwing money away if you don’t have a digital strategy

There’s no mistaking the importance of digital strategy in 2018. From a well-designed website through to social media and online advertising, if you’re not thinking about it, you’re throwing money away – whatever industry you’re in.

Over 80% of B2B and B2C customers use the web to help them make buying decisions, but only 50% of small businesses even have a website, let alone social media or other digital assets. Of those that do, in my experience nearly all of them are not working for the business as well as they should. Read more

Tools of the seo trade

Tools of the SEO Trade

I often get asked what software tools I use to do my day-to-day SEO work. Often it’s clients wanting to keep on top of their SEO, but sometimes it’s consultants or freelancers in other areas wanting tips on maximising their productivity.

So here are my top 6 tools for SEO and running an efficient one-person operation!

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Cleanawater case study

A brilliant Digital Marketing case study

This is an amazing demonstration of the power of digital marketing – and a very clever piece of marketing by a large Melbourne digital marketing agency, Digital 360.

The company wanted to prove how effective the right digital strategy and execution can be for an Australian SME, in this case it was Cleanawater – a business specialising in the design, manufacturing, installation and servicing of commercial and industrial water treatment and recycling equipment. Read more

SEO resolutions

5 simple new year reSEOlutions to boost your web presence

You may be thinking about a diet, quitting smoking or taking up the latest exercise fad, but these five simple resolutions will get your website in shape for 2015!

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How to choose an SEO company

7 questions you must ask before trusting your business to an SEO company

I’m sure you’ve had the phone calls. And the emails. Someone promising they can boost your business by getting your website onto the first page of Google, or better yet, to the very top.

They are right about one thing. It’s very important for your business to be there. If your site is not up there in the search results, you’re missing out on a lot of business. Consider these stats:

  • Over 80% of consumers research online before making a purchase (Source: Cisco)
  • The first page of Google gets over 90% of the clicks (Source: Chitika)
  • The top 3 results on that page get over 60% of the clicks

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Stand out from the pack

On Tuesday May 6, in my role as President of Publish Blue Mountains, I’m moderating a panel of media and marketing experts discussing how to raise your business profile and stand out from the pack.

It should be a good session, full of actionable tips for Blue Mountains business owners to use in growing their businesses in what are somewhat challenging times for many.

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website optimisation tips

10 Tips to Transform Your Web Presence in 2014

If you want to make your website work better for your business in 2014, here are 10 tips to optimise it to generate more traffic, more engagement and more sales.

Some are quick and easy tweaks, and some a little more involved…but all will make a real difference to your bottom line!

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Google Adbirds April Fool prank

Google AdBirds Takes Flight

On April 1, 2014, Google launched their new mobile advertising format – AdBirds.

Will it take off? Only time will tell if it will deliver the goods or fall off the perch altogether!

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Google penguin link removal

What to do when your search rankings plummet

In the last couple of weeks we’ve had a flurry of enquiries from businesses that have had dramatic falls in their search engine rankings. Some of these businesses were previously at #1 or #2 on Google for important keywords, but now are nowhere to be seen.

The impacts on the businesses are severe – in most cases the number of enquiries has plummeted and subsequent sales have followed suit. Understandably, they are very worried and need help to fix the problem, fast.

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