Cleanawater case study

A brilliant Digital Marketing case study

This is an amazing demonstration of the power of digital marketing – and a very clever piece of marketing by a large Melbourne digital marketing agency, Digital 360.

The company wanted to prove how effective the right digital strategy and execution can be for an Australian SME, in this case it was Cleanawater – a business specialising in the design, manufacturing, installation and servicing of commercial and industrial water treatment and recycling equipment. Read more

Mobile Website Optimisation Tips

Google’s 25 tips for a better mobile website

Google recently partnered with a research company to test user experiences with mobile websites. 119 users were observed using 100 popular mobile websites across all industries and their feedback, comments, likes and complaints were all recorded and analysed.

The outcome of the project is a set of 25 recommendations for optimising mobile websites to make sure that they work for site users and for your business.

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website optimisation tips

10 Tips to Transform Your Web Presence in 2014

If you want to make your website work better for your business in 2014, here are 10 tips to optimise it to generate more traffic, more engagement and more sales.

Some are quick and easy tweaks, and some a little more involved…but all will make a real difference to your bottom line!

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