The Italian Pizza Bar

We were contracted to help the Royal Oak Hotel, in which The Italian Pizza Bar is located, with raising visibility and sales for this iconic Lidcombe pizza restaurant. While Ann took care of photography for the website, Steve optimised the site itself to improve its local search results.

Before the work was done, the Royal Oak’s website was virtually invisible in search results. Now if you’re in Lidcombe and you Google ‘Pizza’, The Italian Pizza comes up #1. Google ‘Pizza Lidcombe’ and The Italian Pizza Bar has 7 of the 10 spots on the first page.


The Italian Pizza Bar

Located inside Lidcombe’s Royal Oak Hotel, The Italian Pizza Bar has been turning out Italian meals for locals for over 40 years. The owner of the Royal Oak wanted to lift their online presence and increase sales for the restaurant lease-holders.

Services Provided

  • Local Search Optimisation
  • Photography


The website went from virtual invisibility in search results to near-domination of the rankings. It is #1 for anyone Googling ‘pizza’ from a location near Lidcombe, and has 8 of the 10 available spots for anyone Googling ‘pizza lidcombe’, thanks to the directory listings that we set up and optimised.