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Tools of the SEO Trade

I often get asked what software tools I use to do my day-to-day SEO work. Often it’s clients wanting to keep on top of their SEO, but sometimes it’s consultants or freelancers in other areas wanting tips on maximising their productivity. So here are my top 7 tools for SEO and running an efficient one-person […]

SEO Made Simple is coming

Small business owners should be the masters of their online presence. Unfortunately the reality of the complex online world makes it hard for busy business owners to manage that on top of everything else. So it gets put in the ‘too hard’ basket, or outsourced to someone else, who may or may not be the […]

7 questions you must ask before trusting your business to an SEO company

I’m sure you’ve had the phone calls. And the emails. Someone promising they can boost your business by getting your website onto the first page of Google, or better yet, to the very top. They are right about one thing. It’s very important for your business to be there. If your site is not up […]

Google’s 25 tips for a better mobile website

Google recently partnered with a research company to test user experiences with mobile websites. 119 users were observed using 100 popular mobile websites across all industries and their feedback, comments, likes and complaints were all recorded and analysed. The outcome of the project is a set of 25 recommendations for optimising mobile websites to make […]