SEO Made Simple

SEO Made Simple is coming

Small business owners should be the masters of their online presence.

Unfortunately the reality of the complex online world makes it hard for busy business owners to manage that on top of everything else.

So it gets put in the ‘too hard’ basket, or outsourced to someone else, who may or may not be the best solution provider.

Hello SEO Made Simple

To give small business owners a grounding in the basics of SEO – the 20% that gets 80% of the results – we’re building SEO Made Simple.

It’s an online learning platform that takes you through a simple, non-technical online training program to equip you with the knowledge to optimise your own site, give your developer the info to do it for you, or choose a professional with total confidence.

It’s coming in late-2018. To find out more and jump on the list to be first to hear when it’s open (and to get an earlybird discount!), visit SEO Made Simple.